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Here at Kenosha Urgent Dental Care, we understand that you may not always be able to make it in person. We are proud to be the best virtual dentist in Kenosha.

Teledentistry can be used for emergency exams, follow-up appointments, and hygiene exams. Virtual dentistry has been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic and Kenosha Urgent Dental Care is proud to be a great virtual dentist in Kenosha.

Call us today to set up a virtual dentist consultation in Kenosha. Our job is to provide you with the relief you need, as soon as possible. 

Dr. Brian Boston and his staff are here as your go-to Kenosha virtual dentist. If your pain is moderate to severe, we recommend that you give us a call immediately using the button below.

Don’t waste valuable time thinking it might just get better on its own. Call as soon as you can to talk to one of our expert staff members. We will keep you calm, treat your problem, and have you on your way in no time!

What Does Being a Virtual Dentist in Kenosha Mean?

Virtual Dentistry is when the dentist and patient are in different locations during the dental appointment. This has many applications and can be used in many ways. Teledentistry is especially useful when traditional dentist offices are closed.

Call Kenosha Urgent Dental Care whenever you need help with a dental problem! We will be able to assist you virtually and find the cause of the problem to figure out the next step!

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What to Expect From Virtual Dentist Visit in Kenosha

Here at Kenosha Urgent Dental Care, our staff is known for offering comprehensive and compassionate care during your virtual dentist visit in Kenosha, or any other visit you may have.

We know and fully understand that in-person visits are not always possible. Kenosha Urgent Dental Care’s staff makes it their goal to get you seen as soon as possible and get you the relief you need. A virtual visit might be the way to go. Our staff will get you set up quickly with a virtual dentist in Kenosha.

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