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Tooth Extraction in Pleasant Prairie

Urgent And Emergency Tooth Extraction in Pleasant Prairie

Is your mouth in pain? Are you in need of a tooth extraction in Pleasant Prairie? Kenosha Urgent Dental Care has the professionals to relieve your pain fast and with the gentlest care. We work quickly to treat your unexpected and less-than-ideal dental problems, so you can get back to your life pain-free and smiling!

We know that a tooth infection can very negatively impact your life, especially when it is not treated promptly or correctly. Our team of friendly professionals is here to complete your tooth extraction in Pleasant Prairie as soon as you are in need of one!

A tooth infection can put a halt to your daily routine, especially if you have to wait a long time for an appointment to get it extracted. At our clinic, an appointment for your tooth infection in Kenosha can be made quickly so you can feel better, fast!

If you are in moderate to severe pain and need a tooth extraction in Pleasant Prairie, we recommend that you call immediately using the button below!

Common reasons to need a tooth extraction in Pleasant Priaire include:

  • Broken or cracked tooth (teeth)
  • Severe toothaches
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Infected teeth

What to Expect at Your Appointment

At Kenosha Urgent Dental Care, we believe that dentistry should be simple, transparent, and fast. We know how terrible the pain of a tooth infection can be and want to help you get relief as fast as possible!

It is our goal to get you in and take care of your dental emergency as fast as possible so that you can get much-needed relief through a tooth extraction in Pleasant Prairie. You will always be told what work needs to be done and what the costs will look like up-front. Contact usĀ today or follow us on Facebook!


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